ThedaCare Partners Provide Designated Locations for Urgent and Emergency Dental Care

With many area dental offices now closed due to COVID-19, ThedaCare has teamed up with federally qualified community health centers to ensure patients are still able to receive care for urgent dental issues.

Patients can now contact the Partnership Community Health Center and Family Health/La Clinica to speak with a dental professional about urgent/emergent dental issues that may require:

  • Examination for further diagnosis
  • Prescription for antibiotic and/or pain control following examination
  • Non-surgical extraction to eliminate infection
  • Extractions before critical emergency medical procedures can be performed

Note: Surgical tooth extractions are not being performed at this time due to ADA recommendations. 

Contact Information

Patients should call first to determine if their issue requires an appointment or can be managed at home.

Partnership Community Health Center

If the dentist is unavailable, the caller should leave a voicemail to receive a call back.

5337 W. Grande Market Drive

2310 Westowne Avenue

825 W. Fulton Street

Family Health/La Clinica

After-hours call center available.

Beaver Dam
207 S. University Avenue

880 Herriot Drive

Stevens Point
3504 E. Maria Drive

400 S. Townline Road