Virtual Care

ThedaCare offers a variety of virtual health options to help you get care for COVID-19 and other conditions — whether or not you are a current ThedaCare patient or have a primary care team.

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The first step in accessing any of our virtual health services is to visit and set up an account. After setting up an account, you may choose the option that best suits your needs. Learn more about each of our virtual care options below to determine which is best for you.

In addition to accessing through on your normal web browser, virtual care services can also be accessed on mobile devices via the MyChart App, available for download through the Apple Store and Google Play store.

For assistance creating an account or accessing MyChart or MyThedaCare for yourself or a family member, click here

COVID-19 Symptom Checker

For those unsure of whether their symptoms may be consistent with COVID-19, we recommend using our free online symptom checker. This tool, available for anyone through MyThedaCare, will ask you a series of questions and, based on your responses, provide you with an immediate recommendation for next steps that may include an eVisit, Video Visit or an in-person visit with a ThedaCare provider.

Symptom checker is the best option if:

  • You are or are not an existing ThedaCare patient
  • You are unsure if your symptoms are related to COVID-19
  • Your symptoms are mild to moderate
  • You do not need to immediately discuss your condition with a provider
  • You are looking for a free online tool to provide a recommendation

Call 911 if experiencing SEVERE symptoms*:

  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Persistent chest pain or pressure
  • Extreme confusion or fatigue
  • Bluish lips or face

*Consult your provider for any other severe or concerning symptom

Video Visits

Video visits allow patients to discuss symptoms of COVID-19 and other concerns or conditions directly with their preferred care provider from the comfort and safety of their own home. They are accessible through any web-enabled device with a camera and are made by appointment when your preferred care provider is next available.

We also offer Urgent Care Video Visits for certain conditions. Urgent Care Video Visits allow patients to speak to the first available care provider between the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Video Visits are the best option if:

  • You are or are not an existing ThedaCare patient
  • You would like to speak face-to-face with a provider
  • Your symptoms are mild to moderate
  • You prefer to have an appointment
  • You have an urgent care need (see Conditions and Symptoms Treated below)

How Video Visits Work
Conducting a video visit requires a web-enabled device with internet access**, a webcam and a microphone (e.g., smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer).

After scheduling an appointment via MyThedaCare (or the MyChart app or by contacting your primary care provider), you will receive an appointment reminder with further instructions, including how and when to properly check in before your visit and next steps.

In preparation for your visit, make sure you have access to a well-lit and private area to connect from and test your audio/video setup.

If you have scheduled an appointment but are having difficulty checking in, click here.

**Accessing video visits on a laptop or desktop computer requires one of the following Internet browsers: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari. If necessary, download Chrome for free. Video visits will not work on Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Video Visit FAQs
Explore some of our Frequently Asked Questions related to video visits

Billing information
Like in-person office visits, video visits are billed to the patient’s insurance; copay, deductible and co-insurance will be determined based on benefits applied by your insurance provider.

Virtual Health End User Agreement
Get details on how we encrypt and protect personal information provided through our website. Learn More

Doximity Video Calls: Setting up your Microphone and Camera

for iPhone           for Android


eVisits allow existing ThedaCare patients to quickly get a customized treatment plan and/or recommendation from an experienced ThedaCare provider, from the comfort of their own home.

eVisit online care requests are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, guiding patients through a simple questionnaire, delivering a response from a provider within 2 hours of completion (standard operating hours: Monday through Friday 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

Requests for treatment submitted outside of these hours will receive a response the following day.

eVisits are the best option if:

  • You are currently a ThedaCare patient or have visited ThedaCare
    within the past three years
  • Your symptoms are mild to moderate
  • You do not immediately need to speak with a provider face-to-face
  • You would like a convenient, personalized care plan without making
    an appointment

How eVisits Work
eVisits require a MyThedaCare account. If you are an existing patient but do not have a MyThedaCare account, click here.

To begin your eVisit

  1. Login into your MyChart account and select eVisit to begin your treatment.
  2. Agree to the ThedaCare Terms of Use to be treated online.
  3. Select the condition that best matches your symptoms and answer a series of questions about your condition, including any medications you’re currently taking.
  4. Enter your payment method and submit your completed questionnaire to a ThedaCare clinician, who will review the information you provided.
  5. Wait for your clinician to send you a diagnosis and any corresponding prescriptions or next steps for your care.

eVisit FAQs
Explore some of our Frequently Asked Questions related to eVisits

Billing information
eVisits are billed to the patient’s insurance at a flat rate of $35, with the patient responsible for the out-of-pocket amount based on the benefits applied by their insurance company.

Virtual Health End User Agreement
Get details on how we encrypt and protect personal information provided through our website. Learn More

Conditions and Symptoms Treated

Conditions and SymptomsCall 911 or go to the EDVirtual CareIn-Person Visit
Video VisiteVisit
Back & neck strains
Cold & flu symptoms
Mild COVID-19 symptoms
High Fever
Medical travel advice
Mild asthma
Mild stomach pain
Minor wounds and cuts
Moderate-to-severe chest pains
Pink eye
Seasonal allergy symptoms
Severe allergic reactions
Severe burns
Severe COVID-19 symptoms
Severe cuts with major bleeding
Serious head injuries
Simple fractures
Sinus infections
Stroke symptoms
Urinary problems
Sports injuries

Never delay your care.
Have an emergency?
Call 9-1-1

Don’t see your condition or symptom, or have questions?
Call your primary care provider or our Community Hotline at 920-830-6877.

At ThedaCare, our top priority is making outstanding care convenient for our community. If you need care, do not have a primary care doctor and cannot access our online care options for any reason, call our COVID-19 hotline.

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COVID-19 Resources

Here you can access the latest COVID-19 updates from ThedaCare and our clinical collaborator, Mayo Clinic, as well as prevention tips, facts and other healthcare resources.